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everyone has an imperfection.

the collide archive.

collide: the archive
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Final Word Count: 57,697/50,000
(As of November 30th, 2005 -- 11:45PM)

collidearchive is the daily archive of Collide, my year's entry to NaNoWriMo 2005. Basically, starting November 1st 2005, I began to post the story as I wrote it, in raw format. That meant that the story was completely unedited, and yeah, definitely sucked a lot. More than usual, at least.

On November 30th, Nanowrimo came to a close. I ended up with a few thousand words over the necessary word count, and finished up about half of the story line. The story was then edited into proper chapters and posted throughout the rest of the year at my usual fandom journal, queerasfandom.

To find out more information on the contest, visit the official website at nanowrimo.org